Center for Research and Documentation on the DRC-Congo


Newsgena Institute is a virtual documentation and research center on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC- Congo).


This website is maintained by a publishing committee named NAT- The Newsgena Action Team. Publications are authentically and scientifically analyzed by the publishing committee to ensure their integrity, accuracy and authenticity. However the author remains responsible of the article.

Three IT technicians are part of the publishing committee and volunteerly assist to place the publications on this website. Franck Nzanda is the principal IT technician. The other two technicians are Emmanuel Mpoze and Charles Mutaba.

Newsgena Institute aims at publishing research articles and documentations about the DRC-Congo. It aims to be a research and resource center on the Congo-DRC.

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Our Vision: NAT- The Newsgena Action Team aims at meaningly using the shared information about Congo and moves the process of sharing information from news letter into action. From CONSORTIUM into ACTION.

Our Values are: Employment of Authenticy, Imparatiality and Integrity in everything we do and commitment to excellency in everything we undertake.