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Seven issues to be discussed:

(1) The African Great Lakes Region,

(2) Crisis in Kivu (RDC) region,

(3) Nationality problematics and peace in DRC-Congo,

(4) DRC-Congo soustainable and lasting development (- how?),

(5) 3rd phase of Inga- whole Africa with power supply for free or half actual cost!, 

(6)How to develop DRC-Congo?,

(7)  How to solve congolese crisis in a fair way to the congolese nation? Full story... in Forum. Join the Forum and post your ideas. Your ideas are needed from wherever you are. we need your expertise. Send your point of vues

Author: Franck Nzanda


Newsgena Institute

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Newsgena Institute went live on internet on 21st November 2007.


Author: Charles Mutaba