Center for Research and Documentation on the DRC-Congo

Access to Employment  & Jobs

Canada job and career oportunities services:

Careerbeacon: information service

Workpolis: information service

Governmnet of Canada: information service

 immigrate and work in canada: information desk

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Author: Franck Nzanda

Access to Education and Scholarships

It is hard in the DRC to access Education and to Scholarships. There is no system to grant loans to students. There are however many good wishers who could help worldwide. Communication in Congo becomes a blocling effect to all students trying to emerge as they cannot access educational and scholarships opportunities. Newsgena Institute constitutes an attempt to fill in that gap.

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Author: Franck Nzanda


Access to Careers & Better Future

There is no sound programs to channel students and academic scholars to research and fields of benefit to their community. Every one seems to learn to just earn a degree without taking into account the  graduation aftermath. Newsgena Institute intends to raise this issue and provide a steping rock from which such initiatives would have birth in the Congo-DRC.

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Author: Franck Nzanda